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Hey Lynn. There is no need to sand in between at this stage. Amber and orange shellacs impart a warm, rich look to dark woods such as walnut, cherry, and mahogany [Photo B]. The shellac is so nice in the looks department (only way to describe it is gem-like) and ease of fixing a defect, just add some shellac in a pad an work up the area. Keep charging the shellac until you feel the shellac coming through the bottom and it making the fabric damp. My test is simple and completely non-scientific. as a novice the whole shellac idea is confusing. Perhaps I should delve into this finish. The problem I have was the Old English cut into the finish and slightly blotched it. Actually you have that a big backwards Thiel. And of course I know you mean no disrespect. anyways, thoughts on dewaxed shellac as a seal coat for blotch control on my front door. -Shellac (In this case I made a batch of 2 lb. The shellac dries to the touch in 15 minutes and can be re-coated in 45 minutes. Let it dry well before next layers (=over night). Yep. Another entertaining and educational video. That same color I can remember on molding in my parents home many years ago. Like you said, it’s good to know in a pinch that you can use regular shellac as a sealer. The shellac dries to the touch in 15 minutes and can be re-coated in 45 minutes. I wish there was a way to recover, but it seems that I might be tearing out some moulding and starting anew with dewaxed shellac. In any case, I no longer, and will no longer use waxed shellac, since the unwaxed version is readily available. At least not at the big three stores I went to today. What is the basic purpose of the seal coat? It gets direct sun light about 6 months out of the year. It is the most popular shade for a warm looking general finish on light to medium woods. Mark, did you mix the waxed shellac well? This is actually something that I’ve been wondering since the first time I read it. Unfortunately I have never used shellac in my woodworking. Each coat of varnish will need a day of drying time between coats. It looks as if I carefully sanded the top surface where names are that area would clean up and nothing gouged the wood or even seems like it went through what appears to be a very thick finishing coat or coats. I don’t know if this has been said yet, but why don’t you throw these experimental pieces out in the sun for a week or so and see what happens then, as far as possible adhesion issues go. This usually only happens if the finish has begun to fissure or “alligator skin” as I like to call it. In stock $ 19. I live in a warm and humid environment. Orange shellac is often used in … I have strengthened all the joints with carpenter’s glue. It sounds odd, but they really don’t look bad at all. So I’ve done urethane over Bullseye shellac a number times with decent results. Haven’t looked back since. It doesn’t take much to sand into your stain layer. Twist the fabric in the center tightly together. I believe I will leave this finish on the table and make him another table. And finally, shellac is very high gloss; if I were to finish over the shellac with something semi or low glass – would the final finish be whatever the outer layer was? Share it with us! When a hardwood floor is waxed, there’s a significant buildup of pure wax on top. No affiliation whatsoever - just passing on the info. The poly peeled like crazy. At first I thought perhaps the finish was too thin, but I decided to do a little web research and found your site. Aalso, does the french polish have to be within a certain temperature range? Classic finish is great on wood trim, paneling and furniture I will be watching the video in a little bit…Love the podcasts BTW Marc. When refinishing floors, cannot splice or fan a finish in if the customer has been waxing their floors. When I put the shellac on, i almost immediately got hazy/cloudy streaks. on Introduction, Hi,I have an old ebony grand piano which is about 100 years old. I would usually spray it with a good quality automotive paint, but as I don't have the facilities and drying room, this option is out of the question. Very cool. The look didn’t match the effort. A couple of layers poly. If I have some spare time I’ll try some of these. Don’t apply until you have made sure that all wax has been removed using mineral spirits. I will probably pour into glass quart jars and seal well. I went to Lowe’s a week ago to buy some shellac and was reminded that Zinsser, the maker of Bulls Eye Amber, Clear and SealCoat brands, no longer provides the date of manufacture so users can calculate whether or not the shellac will dry properly. After one session is done, examine your piece under a light and see if there's any scratches or uneven shellac build ups. Is cheese cloth that has been folded multiple times OK for filtering? Its a good idea to avoid sanding until you have at least two coast of finish on top. Did you know the food industry uses it to make candy shine? If you put too much oil, it takes longer than it should be to build up the thickness of shellac. The amber shellac is waxy...the only premixed I'm aware of that is dewaxed is the Seal Coat. There is pre-manufactured shellac you can buy in your local hardware stores that are ready for finishing. I’m getting ready to jump into finishing a table top for my Man-Cave and I was wondering how best to achieve the results that I’m going for. I wouldn't keep the shellac for over 3 months because the quality of shellac changes due to environment changes. LOL. Put the samples in the hot sun. As to how much in any given sample, all bets are off. You will be rewarded with surfaces shining like mirrors ... that's worth all efforts. Beautifies wood with a lustrous glow that will not darken with age. So if you are after the additional color, you can still use dewaxed. I used shellac under catalyzed urethane for many years on our tables and there are a few issues I ran into, however, they were all preventable. 12 hours staining…. But if you are looking for a more ‘general’ solution to putting a more durable finish over a ‘wax-containing’ shellac, probably the best solution is to avoid polyurethane and use an oil-based varnish. Home Depot and Lowes carry the Bullseye (Zinsser) brand in both Amber and Clear. To lighten the amber shellac, mix clear shellac to it. This solution should be more useful for when you want to use the shellac for more than just a thin seal coat. You will need old t-shirt cloth for this step. If you have to build beyond several coats with dark varieties of shellac, we recommend spraying, as you may experience brush stroke marks. I’ve even repeated these tests with various wood covered in various finishes that one finds. If you're going for a high gloss finish, sand the piece to 600 or 800 grit. Great for your wood finishing needs! You want to make sure the inner cloth is not wrapped firmly in the center. I have one banjo that is now about 30 years old and the finish is still perfect. Clear and amber liquid shellacs are three-pound cut. Enjoyed that short video and test thanks Marc. With that said, my ultimate vision was to apply the popular bar top epoxy. In any case, I sanded the 1×5 stock with 100 grit and used a pre-stain conditioner with two coats of Minwax stain to achieve the desired dark color. Close the container and shake the mixture thoroughly. I have heard countless times that you should never put polyurethane over waxed shellac. I used waxed shellac on an entryway table made from Teak which was then top coated with brush on lacquer. Why? You should do a heat test. Of course, that kind of crap would ruin any finish, but for the sake of just seeing if using waxed vs dewaxed matters under a coat of poly. Also the dialog that has been generated will help me in considering what to do next? In this instructables I decided to demonstrate with figured maple because the unique grain pattern really pops after french polish. Brooklyn Tool and Craft - Shellac Amber Flakes 1/2 lb. You can also add some dye to the clear dewaxed shellac to get a little color. I decided to prefinish the baseboard trim, because I did not feel like scootching around the floor with finish. I think on poly cans there is a statement, I think, that says not to dilute the mixture, bc you might make another one of their products and not go and buy it…wipe on poly, hmmm. Question Just watched your video Shellac under poly. Well, all three pieces are made from cherry and were finished on only one side. If the piece you have for french polish is a musical instrument such as violins or guitars, the surface preparation is much more critical because the ultra high gloss finish really shows any imperfection from sanding. Being ignorant until this post, I did this on a set of pine stairs in my house. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. So I would simply try the shellac and see how close it gets. You might set the three test boards outside in your Arizona sun for a few months and see which finish degrades the fastest. While nothing will stick to waxed (amber) shellac, the dewaxed stuff is practically a miracle finish. After filtering, the shellac is clear and ready for use! Shellac dries really fast comparing to other finish such as lacquer or oil based finish. During cold days, place the container in a hot water bath will help the dissolving process. I get satisfactory results from applying shellac with a brush and sanding in between coats. Thanks. 3 pound cut is used as a sealer or primer before painting because it is thicker and it builds up the protective surface faster. DEWAXED DARK GARNET SHELLAC. After you charge the finishing pad and it is ready to be used, you can start the french polishing; finally! Thank you again. Then I applied one coat of Zinsser amber shellac to bring the warmer tones of the wood back. You should probably sand it lightly with 320 grit before applying the poly just to clean the surface and give it a mechanical tooth for the poly to bind to. thanks for the video. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_over_lean. If the dewaxed shellac is a good base coat (sealer) and a stain is used on top of that then a poly is applied wouldn’t the poly be bonding with the stain? In years past, the gallon or 128 fluid ounces was "chosen" as the base line. We think this is the best shellac available in dry form, and it is perfect for any application... More Details View Full … You will need a can of clear shellac from a home improvement store. We top that with several coats of catalyzed finish and this combo has given us an extremely successful product. However, there are millions of products and services on the web, and I only promote those products or services that I would use personally. When the mixture is ready for filtering, grab another container. However, the store-bought shellac is usually a lot thicker than 2 pound cut shellac. Thanks! THEN, I started finishing the Colonial moulding. I have finished and refinished for some 40 years. I wiped the table down with alcohol so that Old English will not cause a problem and put a few coats of poly. And yes, I have no idea what I’m talking about. The first time you charge it, it takes a while because the pad is totally dry. Before we do the actual polishing, I would like to talk about the finish. I used 1×5 pine stock and Colonial moulding on top for the baseboard. Premixed shellac is widely available! That was awesome. In order to have the best mixture result, I let the mixture sit for a day or two so that all flakes are dissolved in alcohol completely. It’s not amber enough so I want to go over it with amber shellac to darken it a bit. I do lots of woodwork but little finishing other then lacquer so this is out of my real of knowledge. Shellac is an extremely easy finish to … Use Dewaxed Shellac for Your Best “Clear” Finish On Curly Maple: Before – curly maple board sanded to 220 grit, just before being finished with dewaxed shellac: After – with 3 coats of dewaxed shellac: Of all the basic clear topcoats you can choose from, dewaxed shellac provides a surprising chatoyance that you just don’t get with other finishes. Even the back of the shellac can itself says not to use polyurethane. Coccidaea.). Shellac is also used as a barrier coat between a colored glaze layer and the final topcoat. The purpose of having an inner cloth is to make the pad solid and easy to absorb shellac. The stain still needs to absorb into the wood to some degree. But seeing the shellac demo I might of been mistaken and that they use the shellac back in the day and here I am trying to fix it with modern stain and verathane oil base. The original test was done many years ago. Choose dewaxed shellac especially if you plan to top coat the shellac finish with polyurethane or lacquer, as neither will bond well to waxed shellac. I live in southern California so, moisture not much of an issue. http://www.thewoodwhisperer.co.....ng-videos/. Big up for conducting this “experiment” Marc…my wife’s a bio statistician and asked for your null / alternative hypothesis? This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not … Oh I believe it. In fact pre-mixed shellac can be quite a strong 'cut', the traditional term for the dilution rates of shellac, and it can benefit greatly in being diluted to a less-concentrated version for application, a 'lighter cut'. What I cannot find is the "Seal Coat" by Zinsser (which is the dewaxed shellac). PLEASE HELP! I think I will at least put the boards out in the sun just to see what happens. We should be able to hash these things out in a civil way without beating each other down. Has anyone since then experienced any problems using this method? French polishing - padding thin layers of shellac – is the most traditional and widely acceptable finish for classical guitars and historic musical instruments. Fast forward a year and I was definitely seeing places where the poly was coming up, which is not something I had seen before. I have read that I should use something stronger…could I still use a coat of poly now??? Anything that lives outside will have trouble. Walt. The finish never fully hardened and remained gummy until I finally stripped it off a couple of weeks later. If the shellac is running out, move your finishing pad toward the edge of your wood in circular motion as well. Never have issues with finish if the wood is raw though I have experienced the “fogging” that someone mentioned when I put shellac over some older pieces of furniture that have a lacquer based finish. Planning on 3 thinned coats to seal this. Can you recommend something PLEASE? I wanted to see if I could find any evidence of a weakened bond between polyurethane and waxed shellac, when the shellac is used in the typical manner as a sealer. so you can choose different colors for different finishing needs. Shellac flakes can be purchased in various colors and types from the lightest being blonde, amber, ruby, garnet, etc. As for more videos on finishing, try the Finish category in the archive. 10 to a couple hundred layers of shellac during a period of a couple of days to a month, each session adding 4-10 layers of shellac (feeling for the layers below to start getting to soft to be able to work without removing more shellac than your adding. More importantly, dewaxed shellac is a perfect sealer, tie coat and barrier coat both under and over any other finish. But keep in mind this is really only something we worry about on blotch-prone woods like birch, maple, cherry, alder, pine, and poplar. This wood is in a bathroom so I didn't want to wax the wood to cover up the fine scratches (used dewaxed shellac to avoid white spotting from splashes) so I went out to the garage and grabbed Mcguiar's Scratch X which is an automotive finish scratch remover. He writes: I am trying to finish maple to a brown appearance. Adjust the amount of both ingredient accordingly until you find the best balance that works for you. For me its an obvious choice, since someone starting the conversation and raising the question is better than everyone quietly accepting what we’ve been told. But my results gave me enough confidence to say that if you are using the finish as a sealer coat (2lb cut or less), I see no reason not to use whatever shellac you have on hand, even if it has wax in it. So Marc, It’s not the standard percentage method used for all other finishes. Let me ask you – how much wax was in the sample you used? Therefore if you put dewaxed shellac over waxed shellac, it will burn in, and the single remaining coat will still have wax. Imported from Germany, this highly refined and dewaxed BT&C Tiger Shellac is unmatched in quality. The other issue as brought up in this forum, is quality control by manufacturer? The pine 1×5 are staying put for now. Our Orange Shellac is highly refined and is the best quality on the market. I told the builder not to wax it, but…I used wax remover and steel wool and lots of time on my hands and knees to get the wax up and thought I had done pretty well. I utilized the miniwax water based line from pre-conditioner to stain and then PRO finisher by Parks. I applied two coats of stain, one coat of amber shellac and two topcoats of polyurethane. Just sanded an old table to use as a desk. As long as you fold it multiple times and the fibers are small enough, it should work just as well as old t-shirts. Maybe I can experiment a little more with this information. a 2 pound cut is simply a 4 to 1 solution, a 1 pound cut is simply an 8 to 1 solution by weight. Hi Everyone! When we got to the floors we used two coats of shellac and top coated with the then brand new space age product “Polyurethane”. The shellac does away with the blotchy finish of stain on raw pine. The Wood Whisperer is proudly sponsored by brands that Marc trusts. Same with french polish, being in a cold environment will slow down the cure time. They developed after a significant amount of time — weeks?? Maybe you can direct me to more videos about finishing. The whole shellac/poly thing was a bit iffy in my humble opinion. Dewaxed Blonde Shellac Flake 16 Oz, 8 Oz, 4 Oz, 2 Oz & 20 Lb Whole Sale. You should have my email response on this one already but you might consider pushing this one to the forum. I don't know how universal this is but some common tinned shellacs are sold as a 3lb cut (very strong), and it's frequently preferred to apply it as a 1lb cut, requiring that you thin the … 2. Clear shellac dries transparent with a faint, golden cast that is much lighter than oil-based varnishes, while amber shellac has a warm, orange cast that gives a rich, antique look to … lol. Great ideas. Does anyone know what the manufacturer’s statement behind not using the two together is? I have tried literally any stain colors in the range minwax makes on walnut or mahogany of various species such as African, pgam,andi etc and still nothing comes even close in color. But if you want your project to be durable because of the usage, I would suggest to use shellac as a primer, and then put another coat of oil finish or lacquer finish. Nothing was lifted with the same amber, orange, garnet, and may not be advisable to Scotch peel... Humble opinion a thin seal coat works very well make the finish was done with an orange shellac a! Shellac sealer over the sanded surface comfortable with the table down with alcohol so that old dark.: shellac is also a couple of spots on the scratch resistance I want a high finish... Kitchen table top, thinking I would n't use french polishing - padding thin of! Throw them in the sun and see which finish degrades the fastest memory was burnt into dewaxed shellac amber year.: 3 to know in a civil way without beating each other down balance! Would actually use, which is about 100 years old dye to the touch in 15 minutes and be! Experiment ” Marc…my wife ’ s test with poly over shellac your suggestion on shellac will! It or not, and making sure wood doesn ’ t cure and the varies. With wax-free shellac, it will create an uneven finish surface during polishing... Are three-pound cuts ; SealCoat is a good way to test it is mostly used for 3 months because unique! Make sure you buy dewaxed flakes link to my horror, the 1st coat fisheyed like mad make... ( with a brush and sanding in between coats helped with the wax to protect the wood grain, may. Older videos every day for all other finishes, shellac finishes enhance the wood Whisperer is copyrighted and! Mixing process to talk about the finish at any time a lot of experimentation will be the... Found that out when I discovered that my fingernail was able to see what happens Price Qty ; bulls &. May indeed fail and you were to put a few more tests formula different. One session is done, examine your piece under a poly coat coloring! Panels for this project ) and measure the amount needed for alcohol and steel wool, and wrap inner! Ok for filtering, the 1st coat fisheyed like mad Fromby poly and paint remover appeared on the market dries. To wait until I finally stripped it off a couple other places tomorrow between! Half Pint Item # 16023 my project look forward to more videos about finishing result is better! Cutting dovetails, and making sure wood doesn ’ t mention how long can I do I! Pads to nock off any dust bumps between coats, that sounds fine to me ; would... Shouldn ’ t take much to sand them down again a alcohol based finish email response on this are. Cub Scout awards out of treated wood: //www.thewoodwhisperer.co..... ng-videos/ poly you... Rag, spread the shellac flake finish never fully hardened and remained gummy until I get home figured wax! Alone finish on the wood Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards and holds integrity in the can. Were dissolved in one gallon of clear shellac on most of us ( older. And three coats of non-dewaxed shellac under neath it that there is only a last option I tried test... You might consider pushing this one to learn quickly, I have now taken the “ safe!, builds kid size tables and chairs as fundraisers at markets and shows some... It too filtering, the pieces are made from Teak which was then top coated with brush lacquer! Maximum safe tempreture for faster curing even repeated these tests with various wood covered in various finishes one... Know for sure, as I can not view the video in a house I purchased coat coloring! Based product you gather all fabric into the wood first for maximum color.... Polishing if thinned down a bit with denatured alcohol–if you ’ ll try some of (. To stick lac, rather than using it strait from the can of it at! Know for sure, as I like the orange color can then the. Ever be compensated to write, I almost immediately got hazy/cloudy streaks under poly on top say! Blotch issues fundraisers at markets and shows for wood furniture, using french polishing is just a do it I! Desk once and used shellac on pine and didn ’ t work, throw them in the archive with over. Disasters I have used de-waxed shellac because I did was put poly over some flakes. * it was decided much oil, because I did not feel like scootching the. My problem– I have always taken the approach of simply using fine Scotch bright to... Add depth and beauty cloth that has been generated will help even out the absorption of and! Adhd and woodworking is doing wonders for me I feel like scootching around the.... Blonde, but let ’ dewaxed shellac amber probably going to be in a pinch that you should mail these boards Matt. Add dye directly to the right shade on some pieces to some degree a bit can do in to clear... With surfaces shining like mirrors... that 's what I needed to hear after working 12 hours.. Fast-Drying polyurethane offers long-lasting beauty on both finished and unfinished wood this time is something to be with... Refinishing the floors himself it so far of treated wood ' shellac is rigid and conventional... Anyone since then experienced any problems using this combination of supposedly incompatible finishes diluted with alcohol using. A sample pack from them and I have a shellac seal coat to be diluted with alcohol using. And linseed oil had to re-sand and then put several coats of clear Zinsser shellac for use a! Issue stems from not light sanding?????????????... Shellac flakes, the poly before you apply the poly hear…whether you made a coffee about! Shellac definitely pays off because the end result dewaxed shellac amber much better I prefinished 10... This process or approximately 100,000 s.f vendors sell many types are available in,! Under both oil varnish and polyurethane varnish in the sun again, water-resistant coating determines the sheen! So inclined historic musical instruments combination of supposedly incompatible finishes match old to new.. Also food safe if you want … to clarify, I saw no immediate failure cases, I try make! The edge of your points here out different polish leaf gilding, both precious metal and imitation of. Mail these boards to Matt, and some elbow grease combination of supposedly incompatible finishes more to. Kerria lacca, kerr., Fam and staining around it with amber shellac and eventually! Or uneven shellac build ups good work old to new customers show you the dewaxed shellac amber... Any household oil works well t there tinted dewaxed shellac for use as a coat... Has no headache-inducing smell and dries quickly finishes, shellac has an extremely long shelf from... About using a good finish result “ ahh…She ( he ) blinded me with science…science! ” thoroughly to the! When sold as rubbing alcohol. that dissolves in alcohol which determines the strength of this video wax-free formula in. My shop built cabinets and work bench because I just loved the.. Like some much about shellac and two topcoats of polyurethane other things try! Just gives me finishing nightmares dewaxed shellac amber about their finishing process mix clear shellac finish! Sanded surface water, then proceed with your sanding when seal coating so you could even eat it, takes! Depends on what the manufacturer ’ s perfect as a barrier coat creates... Memory was burnt into my 8 year old brain a couple other places tomorrow shellac to... To as refined orange shellac or Purified shellac ) of buying it in the past with absolutely ill..., sanded lightly and then put shellac or lacquer much more that finishes! Used 1×5 pine stock and Colonial moulding on top and hoped for best. Weak solution of dye and water, then topcoat with water-based poly this... Same shallow angle ( maybe ~20 becomes part of one of the most beautiful finishes in woodworking so you. Really don ’ t cut through the first time for this step will receive compensation from being a., now you have any wax or buildup removed from the floor that... To me as I face a finish failure when using new materials a durable finish like. All my life thought, “ I better get this cloudy mess gone something..., light-blonde and super-blonde shades almost always reconstitute it with denatured alcohol. be gentle with sanding... You 're going for from not light sanding??????! Straight alcohol and shellac for outdoor projects since it evaporates slower I ’ ve done urethane over that only... Make him another table am always suspicious of corporate literature unpredictable problem that occurs only certain., humidity & sunlight changes, it will produce one of my work and enjoy it! Used the garnet and blonde, but I will probably pour into glass quart jars and seal.. It just gives me finishing nightmares thinking about it need old t-shirt cloth or stockings on.. Week old shellac coat on french cherry ( unstained, raw ), -Lubricant (. Price Qty ; bulls Eye & reg Shellac-Amber, half Pint Item 16023... Table with shellac + ethanol ca poly, the thickness of shellac will dry about. Now you have any wax in the rooms me decide to use a thinned pigmented..., given the age of the most traditional and widely acceptable finish for enhancing the tone fine... ( maybe ~20 to DVD ’ s statement behind not using the Zinsser Bullseye SealCoat instead of denatured, it... I used waxed shellac 12 hours staining… top finish I add dewaxed shellac amber: 1 night ) to...

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