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Anyway, Captain – Hogg is the most experienced in the group so can’t really argue against it even if he lacks any real captaincy experience. I actually prefer the look of this squad – lots of energy and snarl and strong form. Hopefully he has learned the lessons for the RWC and has taken council from his new recruits. Gregor Townsend has hailed Scotland’s growing depth after selecting the fifth fly-half of … Ireland rarely had reason to fear Scotland on Joe Schmidt's watch. Our aim is to keep this momentum going as we take on Georgia and Wales before competing in the Autumn Nations Cup in November. As for Players taking responsibility, which players? When Toonie was getting sparkling performances out of the likes of Darryl Margo it looked like he had the magic touch – we need to see Scotland highly competitive in every game and confident in what they’re doing. Lee Jones hasn’t played for months. Hope Grant Stewart continues his development too. Haining’s journey from the Western Force Academy, via Jersey Reds and Bristol, is an interesting one – he marked Sean Maitland on the wing during the Lions tour of 2013, having toyed with a switch to the centre. If we can play as we did 18 months ago and play with less fear, more aggression and a semblance of defense then I think we could surprise people. At the minute every side bar Italy is a better side, IMO. Official Guinness Six Nations section for the Scotland Rugby Team, including Fixtures, Results, Live Scores, Features and Latest News So how has Ratu Tagive done, enough to be in the squad after what looks like only 10 appearances in 3 years? Mackenzie His barnstorming carries from Number 8 are why Scotland need him though. Townsend has selected one player less than last yearin his forwards group, while taking one more winger and one less centre. Why should we give him the stability of a long term contract. Scottish Rugby today announced two key appointments to the Scotland coaching team ahead of the 2020 Guinness Six Nations. I would be interested to see also a Scott and Hutchinson or Scott and Jones partnership. I look forward to…. I would also say that Steyn has a chance if those two start as he’s starting to tune in to them. Toolis might not be everything we’re looking for but he’s very good at certain things (rather than Gilchrist who’s ok at most) and Toolis/Gray was our partnership in autumn ’17. My heart would like to see him and Jones and think “eff it, just go for broke – they score 2 we score 3 (or 4, or 5)”. Sign-up for our newsletter today to receive the latest updates, content and releases from Scottish Rugby. You really should be considering him. Get this right early and we could have something special that we have been lacking for many years for a centre partnership at international level. The Scottish Rugby Blog previews the rescheduled match between Wales and Scotland as the 2020 Six Nations finally comes to an end. I disagree – Harris has had quite a bit of opportunity now and whilst he is indeed playing well with Glaws, so are all the other 13s – two of who have stood out in the Test arena – Jones and Bennett. So I’d pick Hutchison with Jones, otherwise Scott with Hutchison. Bradbury/Crosbie https://www.theoffsideline.com/will-the-gregor-townsend-tombola-throw-up-any-surprise-winners-this-six-nations/, Podcast – Episode 138: Tainted By Association, Edinburgh v Glasgow – An Alternative View, Barclay & Paterson: Former captains discuss state of the nation, Heineken Champions Cup Preview: Sale Sharks v Edinburgh, Podcast: Christmas Special “Hams In The Ruck”. The punch line will do. Is that a lesson a Senior Coach needs to learn, is that not obvious? The pundits say that’s all sorted now and he’s one of the best defenders in his league. Johnson/Jones: Club familiarity of combinations. I think a number of us having endured a very disappointing 2019 were awaiting the squad announcement with a little trepidation, but fair play to Toonie its one of his best overall selections since his time in charge. The whole Toony thing needs a defuse. Interesting, Edinburgh Forwards; Bhatti, Sutherland, McInally, Nel, Bergan, Gilchrist, Toolis, Bradbury, Ritchie, Watson, Haining, Crosbie = 12. Scarlets’ Blade Thompson (back-row) also re-joins the squad having last featured at Rugby World Cup 2019. This has to be Townsends last stand, 2 home games , with varying levels of difficulty,Italy away is not the threat it was.3 wins are enough for me. Townsend has selected one player less than last year in his forwards group, while taking one more winger and one less centre. 2020 Six Nations: round four fixtures, results, table. England : Gauzere Yeah from the comments Toony made in the press conference it sounded like Sutherland could start, at least its between him and Dell with Bhatti being third. Harris was a late starter in Pro rugby…. continuity yes Bazz but I question Johnsons’ and Harris’s confidence and mental focus. I think we need more of a threat at 13 though. Townsend just confirmed M Fagerson has a fractured rib which will keep him out for a few weeks. I just don’t know that the calm, clear-headed authority and the ability to inspire those around him when backs are to the wall are really his strengths – Scottish legend level player that he is. So I’m optimistic. On left wing Graham picks himself, always makes something happen. Alan : What is win ? Last updated on 12 October 2020 12 October 2020. Well, not quite unfettered, or he wouldn’t be complaining about Sarries’ schedule. It started from a bad foundation IMO and as any builder will tell you , the more tiers you put on a bad foundation, the worse it gets . Yeah I’d imagine they’ll get one of Berghan or Nel back as required. Best for defence maybe No amount of patches, in this case player swap outs, excuses and coach sackings, can change a poor foundation. Bradbury/Crosbie/Haining/Ritchie/Watson (there’ll always be at least one going spare – maybe more – most likely Crosbie, or Haining once Fagerson/Thomson is fit) Rennie will be delighted, Cockerill Fuming. Sutherland/Dell (Bhatti needs development but got the raw material) Richie Gray on his way back to Glasgow next season – hopefully back into the Scotland squad at some point too. I assume its Townsend’s fault that we are struggling for LH props. A fair squad and it’s the first time we have just about all not just fit but match fit. Find the perfect scotland rugby national team stock photo. Alternatively he could play Scott with Hutchison at 13 and the latter could come in as second receiver in some plays. Beating Ireland or Wales would be brilliant , however as we are away from home, Toony will be granted one more year’s grace as we cannot ‘win on the road’. Gordy Reid and Bennett may consider themselves unlucky but Bennett in particular needs more time at a sustained level to show his excellence. I’ll be happy with 1 win, if we get beaten by better teams. Mark Bennett should absolutely be in the squad to me. Scotland Rugby team scheduled to face South Africa in 2020. Have only seen Harris picked at 13 this year. Good luck to Hogg no one can doubt his heart and commitment and I hope that he can avoid his annual Irish inflicted injury and thrive under the responsibility. Could well fill the gap at 8…he sounds very keen to prove his metal at Int level. Want to see him and Jones start together (v Italy?). Results have not been forthcoming, but “sack the coach” doesn’t identify what the issues really are…it could be any number of things. One can only assume the bonus is attributable to meeting target indicators for financial performance since the playing performance across national teams has been poor for the period in question. Ciccarelli. I’ve only seen highlights which tend to show what he does in attack! There’s plenty of options with this group. I think its a good call. The big discussions for me are, obviously, who starts in the centre and who provides the backrow cover. Simon Berghan (Edinburgh) – 25 caps Jamie Bhatti (Edinburgh) – 15 caps Fraser Brown (Glasgow Warriors) – 50 caps Blair Cowan (London Irish) – 17 caps Scott Cummings (Glasgow Warriors) – 12 caps Cornell du Preez (Worcester Warriors) – 7 capsMatt Fagerson (Glasgow Warriors) – 6 capsZander Fagerson (Glasgow Warriors) – 29 capsGrant Gilchrist (Edinburgh) – 42 capsJonny Gray (Exeter Chiefs) – 57 capsRichie Gray (Glasgow Warriors) – 65 capsRob Harley (Glasgow Warriors) – 21 capsNick Haining (Edinburgh) – 3 capsOli Kebble (Glasgow Warriors) - uncappedStuart McInally (Edinburgh) – 37 capsWillem Nel (Edinburgh) – 38 capsJamie Ritchie (Edinburgh) – 18 capsSam Skinner (Exeter Chiefs) – 7 capsRory Sutherland (Edinburgh) – 7 capsBlade Thomson (Scarlets) – 5 capsBen Toolis (Edinburgh) – 25 capsGeorge Turner (Glasgow Warriors) – 9 capsHamish Watson (Edinburgh) – 32 caps, BACKS (17) Darcy Graham (Edinburgh) – 11 capsNick Grigg (Glasgow Warriors) – 9 capsChris Harris (Gloucester) – 18 capsAdam Hastings (Glasgow Warriors) – 20 capsStuart Hogg (Exeter Chiefs) CAPTAIN – 76 capsGeorge Horne (Glasgow Warriors) – 13 capsDamien Hoyland (Edinburgh) – 4 capsSam Johnson (Glasgow Warriors) – 13 capsHuw Jones (Glasgow Warriors) – 25 capsBlair Kinghorn (Edinburgh) – 21 capsJames Lang (Harlequins) – 2 capsSean Maitland (Saracens) – 48 capsAli Price (Glasgow Warriors) – 32 capsFinn Russell (Racing 92) – 49 capsScott Steele (Harlequins) - uncappedDuhan van der Merwe (Edinburgh) – uncappedDuncan Weir (Worcester Warriors) – 28 caps. It will be interesting if we play more pragmatic rugby, playing rugby further up the pitch and only forcing the play when the opportunities present themselves. I’m pleased he’s cleared out Wilson and P Horne who just don’t quite have the ability to excel at international level consistently and he’s largely rewarded players in form. I haven’t seen Hutchinson play). Ireland : Raynal There’s no doubting his talent or commitment but is he composed enough to captain? Has he sorted his defence? From what I’ve seen he’s been in incredible form for Northampton. That is all as it should be, but it does leave question marks about the level of experience in the squad. I think you’re right about the bad foundations, but if Toonie somehow miraculously won the 6N it would certainly diffuse the whole thing and he’d be lauded as a hero. Whether that’s coaching, I don’t know. Pretty much all been covered here already but this seems to be the best squad available at the moment. Kunavula, Groom/Shiel Let’s see what happens. McCallum Very pleased to see Toony going with form for this squad. I don’t understand why we don’t use a 125kg lock who’s been a key player in the top team in the french league and who’s just at the prime age for a 2nd row forward. T he England team to tackle Scotland in Edinburgh has been announced. Hogg is our “identity player” & known to Ref’s so should have their respect – he is know to some for other reasons as well though! Has the aggression and sheer will in addition to ability needed to play well at test level. Ultimately, I think coaching is more important than personnel when it come to success at test level and we do have a squad just about good enough to compete for the title. I see the biggest challenge here is the coaching of each chosen 23 taking the field to profit from their own strengths, exploit opposition weaknesses and apply intelligent game management at all times, home or away and when on top or up against it. Whether that is due to him being closely marked allowing others to flourish or other reasons I’m unsure. I have to say I am a little bit dissappointed in some ways as there seems to be quite a lot of developmental inclusions which I feel a bit (world cup cycle)ish. I hope the SRU have feelers our for a new coach as Toonie may not survive. They’re taking our jobs, aided and abetted by Walter Mitty. There are recalls from the wilderness for Rory Sutherland, Matt Scott and Cornell du Preez. Fagerson Im not sold on at test level…and definitely not at 8. Probably the closest to a Horne/Jones type combo in terms of a baller at 12. All that said, it is our defensive alignment and line speed which needs improving regardless of individuals. Ed Hepworth appointed CFO of Six Nations Rugby. That isn’t good. Barclay Carmichael the team is never settled so there is no accountability just threat and fear to motivate. Brown/McInally No Room for D. Taylor, M. Bennett or P.Horne in the center’s. I’m sure he’s lost some pace. Scott and du Preez are rewarded for their fine form. All progressed in the RWC, they all are ranked higher in the World Rankings. To be fair, FF, that squad was populated with players who weren’t on form and/or didn’t have significant recent game-time under their belts. We will see if Matt Scott can finally repeat his club form on the international stage. Do you really mean ‘strongest ever’? It wouldn’t quite be my preferred team; I’d pick Scott at 12 (though I’m not sure who I’d put outside him), Horne would be my starting scrum-half, and I’d go with Sutherland over Bhatti, and Haining over du Preez. and suddenly Hogg gets a little bit of extra time to work. Gone for Crosbie who’s aggressive and powerful which will be needed to counter whoever is on thebench for Ireland (likely Deegan or Doris). Basically Saracens Sunday fixtures and presumably the rest and recovery that follows, clash with Scotland’s training starting on the Monday heading into the opening game. As of 2 November 2020 , Scotland are 7th in the World Rugby Rankings. Wales team to play Scotland | 2020 Six Nations. ... Scotland 3rd Aug 2020. We don’t need Hogg, Graham, Maitland, Kinghorn, Steyn, McGuigan AND Tagive, plus Harris, in the back three; I’d have chosen Bennett over one of them, most likely McGuigan or Tagive. Is he or should he be a starter for Scotland?…probably not..centre is looking stronger again based on club form. The rangy winger offers something different to the other options in the back three and is the most “Tombola” like selection. Not sure about picking Steyn or Tagive and leaving people like Bennett at home, but I don’t have all the info on those two. There’s also a case for arguing that Duncan Weir deserves another chance (as back-up to Finn) on the basis of his form for Worcester over the last 18 months or so. Read more information about browsers and how to upgrade yours. This is going to be a hugely challenging season with our summer and autumn fixtures so we need to start with a good return in the 6N. I’ve heard Blade is injured too. These games are often decided by kicking and Weir is top drawer. If anyone knows how Scotland feel going to Wales this weekend having not won there for 18 years, it is John Rutherford. In the process he turned off the men left behind, that is what I believe is really damaging. I doubt we’ll get the decisiveness of that outcome though. Scotland Rugby Union Team Fraser Brown and George Horne ruled out of Six Nations in further blows to Scotland and Warriors Glasgow's injury worries worsened on … Really wish Hoggy well with the captaincy. Le migliori offerte per SCOZIA 2020 SUBBUTEO RUGBY TEAM sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis! We simply can’t play into their hands. Hoyland is a very brave headless chicken, a few players in to train with the squad and being looked at for the future/emergency. Anyway If he’s rewarding form then fair enough. I’m guessing that Maitland won’t play against Ireland because of the whole Saracens training camps fiasco (which is why Taylor is missing from the squad; I wonder who he’d have replaced (maybe Steyn or Tagive?)). His time will come – and Glasgow could use him at the moment in any case. Willemse Italy : O’Keeffe Kinghorn and Hastings aren’t bad replacements but if we really want to do something in the tournament we need our stars fit and firing. Its going to say a lot for Hoggy’s maturity and patience come the moment when under pressure and we’re chasing a game. Ceciarelli has also been called up by Italy.13 from Glasgow – including their first and second choice hookers, scrum-halves and centres (at least while Huw Jones is in favour).1 from the Top14 in France.8 from the Gallagher Premiership, including 2 from Gloucester. Scotland Six Nations Squad 2020 Ahead of the restart of the 2020 Six Nations Gregor Townsend has named his Autumn Scotland squad with several new faces and Finn Russell’s return. I think in recent weeks all have been solid defensively. Maybe Sutherland will turn out to be someone who blossoms with maturity, but for the 6N I’d rather stick with Reid. If he plays well, so does Scotland. Buy genuine Scotland team jerseys and merchandising at discounted prices Delivery within 48 hours. Johnson, Scott or Hutchinson? Feel sorry for Weir. Pretty much any pairing works for me, I’d go for Scott and Hutchinson as they have great form, are both cutting great angles and offer mixed options for Finn to work with. Tags: Alex Craig, Cornell du Preez, Nick Haining, Ratu Tagive, Stuart Hogg, Tom Gordon, Rory is the editor of Scottish Rugby Blog, and has offered a fan's view on Scottish Rugby since founding the blog in 2007. I think this young squad could be really great, I just hope they just believe in themselves enough. I know that Johnson has had flashes of wonderful skill at international level. Can Edinburgh even name a pack with 13 out? Hogg, Kinghorn*, Hutchinson, Scott, Graham, Russell, Horne, Dell, Brown, Nel, Gray, Toolis, Ritchie, Watson, Bradbury I want him to focus on getting back to his best form (I read on here previously an opinion that he may have lost a yard of pace – which is something I had been worrying about for the last year or so – it would be devastating to his capabilities if so – anyone else got opinions on that? Sounds like Flockhart may be seen as a future 8…but again needs to fill out for that role. I don’t think he’s any worse defensively, either. McCallum DVDM will no doubt play wing as soon as is qualified. I will never get behind him but do accept the argument is not all one sided , thank you for your comments. The newly formed Autumn Nations Cup begins in November with Scotland in Pool B alongside France and Fiji who they will play at BT Murrayfield as well as an away test match against Italy. Thank you. Willemse So the coaching is critical, and this 6N will be a huge challenge for Toonie and his supporters, a bigger challenge than he faced in the 18 and 19 6Ns when he was still coming to terms with coaching at international level. Bennett vs. Steyn or Harris is an interesting one: Bennett’s played on the wing before and he’s got the pace for it. Baggott/Dean (when fit)/Taylor Bennett unlucky but all the other centres deserve their places (including Harris apparently on club form but I’m still not convinced…). Hoggy as captain is an interesting call, too. Carmichael Well thought out comments. In each case he could have perhaps added an experienced head like Ryan Wilson or Pete Horne but clearly seems to be looking towards the future, with half an eye on who is in form. SRU needs to focus on our props, seem to be fizzling out. Ireland are looking to make a statement after a drab 23-10 win against Georgia against a Scottish side that has won five of its last six games. Fagerson definitely unlucky, although I haven’t seen what du Preez is doing so maybe it’s justified. I’m not sure Hogg was predictable but the lack of threat at 12/13 was I think playing into the hands of defences allowing them to drift and close down space in the wider channels. 3 or 4 people, presumably, would need to be crocked before Tagive actually makes the 23. I think the Glasgow games against Exeter and Sale are really important here. All in all pretty promising stuff, though the hope could all come crashing down after 5 minutes of the Ireland game! Scottish Rugby is the governing body for rugby union in Scotland. Cummings/Craig Six Nations Rugby Limited today confirmed that the Women’s & U20s 2021 Championships will not take place in the regular… Scotland Women 23rd Dec 2020 Easson named Scotland Women head … Bennett is a centre, those 2 are an out and out wing and a guy currently playing on the wing. What needs to stop is the feeling we are beating ourselves. I think for the match 23 it largely still picks itself but will be great for the new boys to get some experience and act as injury cover. What would be the tipping point to his dismissal? Other criteria include the relative strength of each team, the margin of victory, and an allowance for home advantage. Other than that, no complaints; except Gordon Reid can count himself a little hard done-by, so I’m guessing he’s out of the squad for the same reason that Batman and Peter Horne are. “There was a strong feeling that we were growing as a team during the Six Nations earlier this year, making progress from game-to-game as well as building closer bonds within the squad. For Scotland he needs some outstanding performances as he’s not had one For a while. Interesting, it seems the Tombola has returned. I think this is Townsend’s last chance to prove he has what it takes to succeed at this level. My concern with Hutchison is how much mentally the 2 games that Northampton played against Leinster will affect him if he is in the mix for the Ireland game. Preview and stats followed by live commentary, video highlights and match report. Hastings (senior) captained Scotland and Lions pretty well from full back. If this does not go well I take it we will all accept that the new coaching team takes time to bed in.Well that buys Toony 2 more He didn’t have to change his team out,but he did. The squad features three uncapped players in Glasgow Warriors prop Oli Kebble, Edinburgh winger Duhan van der Merwe and Harlequins scrum-half, Scott Steele. A starting back row of Ritchie, Watson and Bradbury excites me but none of the other back rows do. From the section Scottish Rugby Finn Russell is back in the Scotland squad after clear-the-air talks with head coach Gregor Townsend Toony is not really a people person , is he ! Hogg as captain is a gamble but little choice. This ended up making us look slow and stodgy as well as underpowered. Faletau), a solid number of very good players (e.g. McGuigan and Tagive but no Bennett? Remember that our rivals passed on some gems like Hamish Watson (and their fans still make outlandish claims about their equivalents being better!). We will see I believe the real qualities of him as a coach if he has reviewed things correctly since our last few outings. But need a bit more solidity against Ireland so Scott gets in. I’d expect Brown/McInally/Ritchie being closer to the coal face and consequently the referee to be heavily relied on. Fixtures, veunes and times for the Scotland National Rugby team with dates and times for the six nations 2020 games. Scotland begin their autumn test matches at BT Murrayfield against Georgia on Friday 23 October before facing Wales in Llanelli on 31 October in the rescheduled 2020 Guinness Six Nations fixture. Will see how Hogg goes as captain but I have a few reservations. Might want to see a doctor about that, Fraser…! Follow Rory on twitter @scotrugbyblog. He does, from a distance, seem to struggle with player relationships…and accepting when his methods and selections failed. Should Townsend fail this year, how many other last chances will he be given? Nothing new in that. Think it says more about our desperate lack of wingers than anything else. They ket will be whether Toonie can select a match day 23 based on form and player playing in their best positions. point to that level of actual achievement. Hoggy is captain material but I’m not a fan of backs as captain, especially a fullback miles away from the action. I wonder if he has learned from taking players from hospital beds in the hope they would play better than fit ones playing below form. Nairn got some game time early season, looked decent but hasn’t been seen near a Glasgow squad for yonks, maybe injured as well. made them grand slam winners and got them to 4th in the RWC. Those that have missed out (Faegerson, R Gray etc) seem to have missed out due to injury rather than any bias as suggested by some posters. I really hope he has a couple big games for Edinburgh between now and the 6N and starts as first choice as he’s a great player and could lock down that shirt at least until the South Africans qualify. News 20th May 2020. I do think we need the like of Crosbie, DuPreez & maybe even Scott to keep them honest & put them on the back foot. That is where I think he’s made his biggest errors in the last 18 months. What has he ever actually done on the pitch? van der Merwe Toonie has brought in form players over long-term injured players. He really needs to have taken a few steps back after last years failures..listen to good advice from people that matter and make the changes needed. Hogg Captain is a risk. Success or failure, it’s not all down to one man. Discover Scotland's Men's and Women's Squads, Sevens, Club XV and International Age Grades, great players from the past and Scottish players of the future. Mata, Cherry/Fenton Scotland's greatest rugby union team: ... Last updated on 7 November 2020 7 November 2020. Skinner is a big absence but with no game time since pre-world cup it seems a sensible decision and I’m glad Toonie now admits fitness and form should be a much bigger consideration in picking a team/squad. Rugby is a full contact sport…its hugely taxing on the body to play with short duration recovery times. And for the love of god we need the defence to tighten up. There are whispers that he is injured, but Scotland don’t produce many specimens like him. Tom Gordon was born in New Zealand but qualifies through a grandparent and has represented Scotland at U20s and Club XV level already. More from the press-conference third hand: James Lang, Richie Gray, Blade also missing out through injury. I don’t watch the premiership and unfortunately missed Glasgow Exeter. I see Hogg as a decoy and support runner/controller…. He turned his back on England. Only once in eight games did they taste defeat against them during the New Zealander's seven-year reign as Ireland head coach. Scott/Harris: the solid (stodgy?) So let’s disagree on that. really? Since the squad size isn’t restricted as it was at the RWC, and others will probably be invited to train, we could theoretically name as many as we want. Other than that quite please with the squad, some players stinking it up because of lack of options – cough Pyrgos – but he’s picked on form. I want to see Hutchison given the chance. You can build some solid 23s out of that squad. Hickey/van der Walt France :Williams Scottish Rugby Blog Independent rugby writing since 2007. Official page for the Scotland U20 featuring Fixtures & Results, Tournament Squad and Team Statistics. Moriarty), but Gatland et al. His squad selection suggests to me he is at least trying to do that…whether its enough time will tell…and wether he has much more time will no doubt depend on this 6N. A persistent problem for Blade. I’d only pick Huw jones at 13 if he’s been practicing picking up the ball whilst running! Thomson Let’s just see if he’s still even fit before deciding…, Scottie: Maybe it is time to tell you the auld Bull joke. He also became a touch predictable, and maybe now we can see more variety bringing people, like Tagive or Steyn into the mix. Haining and Crosbie Scotland Head Coach Gregor Townsend has named a 40-man squad for the forthcoming autumn international matches, which include the conclusion of the 2020 Guinness Six Nations and newly launched Autumn Nations Cup. Shame that Fagerson’s out injured, but it’s positive that his exclusion isn’t down to soiling Toonie’s rug or something. © Copyright Scottish Rugby Union Limited 2021. Glasgow on the other hand will look to power through the 6N. McKenzie Johnson/Harris: where’s the fun in that? Robbie Nairn? In the 23 forwards there are five players who did not feature in the 2020 Guinness Six Nations earlier in the year, with Glasgow Warriors trio Richie Gray (lock), Rob Harley (back-row/lock) and Kebble selected alongside London Irish flanker Blair Cowan, who won his last Scotland cap in 2016 and earns his first call up under Townsend. Good God…. “Given the lack of games since March, there will be opportunities for players out-with the squad to break into our group over the next few weeks, but for now the focus is on this group that will be in camp from tomorrow. Our big big problem since Townsend arrived is a very leaky defence.

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