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(I also am making your pear chocolate cake right now. Just read the comment below about adding flour and broth!! I may slide out from under my warm sad rock and make this over the weekend. I’m in Australia so have bookmarked this recipe for winter (we miss out on all the comforting holiday winter foods but bonus, have cherries and fresh berries on Christmas day). Root Vegetable Gratin has Yukon yellow potatoes, celeriac (celery root), and rutabagas in a light creamy sauce with white wine. i came here last night and baked your salted chocolate chunk cookies. Serve with salad for a simple supper or as a side dish for your Sunday roast. I made this last night, and it’s beautiful. Namaste and Peace to all of you. You are my go-to for recipe ideas. Love coming to this site for many reasons, politics is not one of them. I’ve never cooked celery root or fennel but every time I see a recipe featuring one or the other or both I think “I’m gonna make that” but I never do. Oh my gosh, this was so stinkin’ good at Thanksgiving! Oh, is there anything more like a hug than a gratin? I’ve done the prep three ways: 1) Day of, as the recipe describes 2) Slicing all root vegetables a day or two in advance, storing them in bowls of water to prevent browning/discoloration, and then assembling the day of (drying them some with paper towels or a salad spinner is ideal) 3) My favorite, assembling the entire dish (the day before) and cooking … I’m so excited – I just made this tonight. As promised, though, this is a one-time departure from this site’s focus; it simply felt inhospitable to be apathetic or tone-deaf this week. You know, of course, that anything you mention will provoke questions, how-to’s, and more, so thank you for being here. Do you know what may have happened? Cover and bake at 375° for 30 minutes. Deb I ordered Inas new book from her directly and bought the signed copy. The kids, the adults, even picky me. this is spectacular. The top browned a bit more than in Deb’s photo, but everyone loved the lovely crunch it provided. I would add more of one or all of the other vegetables. Civility and thoughtfulness are the best! Crazy. Thank you, Deb, for building the kind of community I’ve needed. On Thanksgiving, however, I am of one singular stance: Team Casserole. Serve with salad for a simple supper or as a side dish for your Sunday roast. I doubt any local libraries will carry them, but I’ll figure something out :). It smells amazing too, the kind of aroma that envelops you when you walk into the apartment and makes you feel, however briefly, like you are exactly where you were meant to be and maybe everything will be okay. Reynolds Kitchens tip. anyway, i set it aside…and now, in typical excellent timing deb fashion, here this is. I wonder f he knows how to cook. 2 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt Hopefully we can learn to listen to and understand each other and sitting at the table with wonderful food and hospitality is a great start. I live in downtown New York and have been feeling a bit shell shocked. Take Deb’s advice and BAKE THEM before putting them in fridge/freezer. Hi Carol — I added the footnote about the election specifically to say that there’s a reason I don’t ever — save this one time when it felt tone-deaf to pretend there was nothing bigger going on last week — discuss politics on this site: It’s divisive and distracting from what we all actually enjoy, cooking. I always enjoyed reading about recipes and food on your site. Phooey to those who are afraid of fennel. Glad to see I’m not the only one comfort baking! They’re slightly waxier than a baking potato. I wish it was the same price as the smaller one (24oz) you linked to. I find that deeply disturbing. You bring boundless joy along with cooking chops! I’m a personal friend, without giving away my political views may I just thank you for at least addressing it. I would recommend dropping it down to one cup to avoid a soupy gratin. this is literally the only media i’ve been able to consume since tuesday night. This is a great way to clean out the root cellar, which is actually a Thing in Vermont. Sweet: Funnel Cake, Twinkie Bundt, Confetti Cookies, Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake and The ‘I Want Chocolate Cake’ Cake. I would probably be embarrassed for you to see my largest bowl–I bought it specifically to make caramel corn and it’s close to three feet in diameter. Plus, I’m excited to try the gratin. I find myself disappointed in those who, while so much a part of our daily culture, are just not brave enough to acknowledge the heavy emotions upon our hearts this week. This looks divine and right up my alley. She specifically said that the consistency was “perfect” and she loved the taste. I used my mandoline for this, and guys it’s a life saver. Yum yum. Because food can serve as a language of unity, and this, especially now, is worth keeping sacred. We add white wine to the gratin because the wine’s acidity strengthens the pectin in the potatoes so that they remain intact while the denser, less … A smidgen of acknowledgement goes a long way. Deb’s political comments were brief and respectful. I’ve become a huge gratin fan of late. I may try this again in the future when I have all the ingredients on hand, as I did today. Monday morning. We’re not going to find the answers we seek in a comment section; we’re just going to end up cross with people a week ago we’d have been happy to trade cooking tips with. Have you yet eaten the frozen portion? Also, re making it vegan, would you just omit the parm cheese? Bring to a gentle boil. Our Food Stories. Thank you for that, and for all that you. Deb, Thanks! Yes, there is a mixture of people who are elated about the election results (we won’t into why that’s problematic in many regards), people who are completely apolitical and inactive (again, problematic for the functioning of a strong democracy, but I won’t go into that), and people who are indeed grieving and scared. Someone feeling alienated by simply knowing that her views are not exactly the same as theirs would be a sad revelation of the pervasiveness of “us vs them” perspective in politics right now. Few things have made me feel better this week but your thoughtful honesty and bravery was a small light in the darkness. (i had some cream to use up and it just worked out that way.) I’m sadly not a fan of cream in anything, though this looks delicious. Thank you! Another Megan here who is a long-time reader, first time commenter, signing in to say thanks for the many years of wonderful recipes that I can now turn to to comfort my family after this terrible week and the thoughts of the weeks and years to come. I defrosted some of your maple nutmeg butter cookie dough I had in the freezer, and baked into hearts for my colleagues at an LGBT community health center. Nov 11, 2016 - root vegetable gratin, a food drink post from the blog smitten kitchen, written by deb perelman on Bloglovin’ .. You never fail to make me look like a kitchen wizard. I made this on a test run for Thanksgiving, using fennel, sweet potato, celery root and parsnips as my four root vegetables. Hey, what do you think the top five anti-sad recipes would be? We allow these flavors to come to the fore by adding just a few aromatics: onion, garlic, thyme, and Dijon mustard. This Whole30 compliant and Paleo-friendly dish is aimed to please all of the special dietary needs around your table this holiday season. By Sally Clarke. I will say I found there to be a little extra chicken stock in the dish, but I think I 1) should have baked a little longer and 2) might also go a little lighter on the stock next time. This exactly. I just threw my petty anti-Roth tantrum after dragging myself through the seemingly-endless So I Married A Communist and then learned it was just a thinly-veiled vendetta against his ex-wife. Just want to make a correction regarding election outcome. And, of course, you feed both mind’s eye and body’s practicality! Thank you for the comments reagarding this week, you are a wise sensitive woman. I’d been a tad wary of the flavour combinations (cheese and sweet potatoes?). 18 Dec 2020. This is definitely going to be “my” side dish from now on. Our root vegetable gratin pairs the earthy flavor of potatoes with thinly sliced sweet rutabaga and savory celery root. That would make it easier to see the whole thing while cooking. Take your gratin from good to great! Didn’t have fennel, but chucked in raw chard, and all the root veg we had in. “The last is the big one. I just finished the leftovers for lunch. Would this have made that big of a difference. I respect and understand the need to create a happy and apolitical space online with food! Not sure why it turned out this way. Preheat the broiler and carefully position a rack about 5 inches from the heat source. Would it be kind of dry that way? Meanwhile, in the largest bowl you own, combine the onion mixture with remaining vegetables, cream, stock, cheese, thyme, 1 tablespoon kosher salt and 1 1/2 teaspoons black pepper. Has anyone tried this with just celery or some other alternative? Thank you Deb for never failing to inspire me with your recipes and your writing. Seriously? And by here I mean Slovenia, and so… let me just say, I am so, so sorry and I sincerely apologize! I WANT to like it. Estimate is Hillary Clinton will receive around 2 million more votes when all votes are counted. 18 Dec 2020. I can breathe easy and think about food–the best thing ever–and spreading joy and kindness in an accessible way. I think it takes on a different flavor when cooked. Thanks also for the venture into the political landscape – I (as many of your other readers have noted) find your site a respite. It is a small and delicious step to help myself and others to heal and fight for our courses. I didn’t want anyone to mistake my 10 years (and next 10 years; this conversation will only happen once) of silence on politics for apathy; I want to acknowledge what’s happening in our world while still hopefully providing a respite from it. Mine do…A LOT! Thank you for your remarks about the last week’s activities. Must everything be political in the aftermath of the election? Can I substitute? Just in time for Thanksgiving menu! dang, and I do know how to write with proper grammar. root vegetable gratin (smitten kitchen) Last year, I proudly announced my intentions to host a Friendsgiving dinner for our crew and we would do it up. I have been blown over by the angry, frustrated backlash and the hatred. It keeps and reheats well. http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-lentil-and-mushroom-sweet-potato-shepherds-pie-182683. I also love mascarpone and/or creme fraiche in a gratin; you could use 1 cup of either here with an extra glug of milk or broth. This looks really scrumptious! Because a few other people have said the same, and mine was a little bit too wet (but not enough to be bothersome) I suspect your hunch is correct. Also, summer tomatoes with thinly sliced raw fennel, lemon zest, prosciutto, a lemon/olive oil dressing, and pine nuts — one of my favorite tomato recipes, and a nice change of pace from more usual companions like basil & mozz. I’m looking for a second vegetable, apart from green beans – family tastes to be accommodated – that would put color on the plate. But your post today will probably alienate quite a few of your readers, including the book list, which comes across as condescending and elitist. Insulting people who turn to books to understand the world is just the other side of the coin from assuming people who have lesser educations and/or don’t read books can’t understand the world either. and i can say that it tastes great leftover, as i just had some today for lunch. What just tastes like uncomplicated joy? cuz really, weeping softly at the laundromat isn’t a good look for me. Ok, so this is definitely happening tomorrow. Madeleine, your words are perfect! Cooking, tossing occasionally, until lightly browned and tender, about 10 minutes. The kids, however, whaled on it. I feel like they’re so amazing roasted as rings because you don’t have to peel them. I made this dish last night, and I’m a fan! Too sweet though? “2 cups chicken or vegetable stock or brother”. This is probably a silly question but if you bake all components 3 days early do the breadcrumbs get soggy sitting on top when it freezes, comes back to room temp, or gets reheated? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. this is where the gnarly celery root…” • See 534 photos and videos on their profile. Agree with all above and so worried about the future for my kids- where insularity and severing connections is becoming the norm its so great to hear of the bonds that people are determined to foster even in small ways. *You’re* always my favorite web visit…. Step 4 Bake until vegetables are crisp-tender and cream is thickened, 50–60 minutes. You didn’t ask ME, but I’m commenting anyway. Many of us were devastated by the Brexit vote here but this feels worse. p.s. They were much appreciated. It is possible that this is the problem, but I think there is a lot of liquid in the 8×8 that I put in the freezer. Instead of cream was thinking of blending silken tofu and lactose free whole milk (also adding protein that way) a roux with lactose free whole milk and earth balance or half coconut milk and half lactose free milk. Thank you for keeping the focus on food, fun and family! One year ago: Apple Cider Sangria This isn’t the first of your recipes I’ve tried, and am impressed…. Thanks so much for the reading list. Probably won’t be quite as gourmet, but it shall be cheesy. A few days ago, FB served up a photo memory of when my friends and I stood in line to have our books signed by you in San Fransisco. The potatoes turned brown and everything was mush. Gross or possibly okay? I’ll let you know how it defrosts in a few days! I still feel like their grandma. I made this gratin last weekend and my vegetables were still mostly raw, even after 90 minutes in the oven. xo, We love your posts, your amazing sense of humor and yes is has been a hard and awful week… I will take your reading list to heart. Agree with above. Who makes your lovely Gratin Dish? How you managed to honestly reveal your own views and heartbreak..rather than trying to sugarcoat or trivialize, but without being didactic or judgemental …well, it is nothing short of impressive. My dinner was slightly delayed (when isn’t it? It’s too easy to carve things out as black and white, and helps nobody. It looks simple and fuss free. I have tried some recipes but haven’t got around to trying all I would like to try. Not surprisingly, that resulted in my having too much liquid at the end; I spooned off the excess, and it made an excellent base for the next day’s leftover: cream of root vegetable soup. Lemon blueberry muffins baking in black and white. In the December 2015 Food and Wine, chef Carla Hall shared a recipe she called Ombré Potato and Root Vegetable Gratin. skipped the cream and broth. Well, I guess I’m the only conservative that reads your blog, but I think we can all agree that you post some kick ass recipes! If you’re worried about it overcooking, I sometimes cook it maybe 10 minutes shy of done so that I can reheat it and add a little color without it going over. I live in a zone where you can count the number of people who voted for our president-elect on your fingers and toes — it’s easy for it to become a bubble, but there’s no excuse to let it. Thank you for making this a haven for all of us who love family, friends, and excellent food. Also, in our CSA box, I have come to enjoy the golden beets. More gratin ideas: Use duck fat instead of butter. when i served it, there was some liquid that began to accumulate in the bottom of the dish, but it didn’t transfer to the plate and i wasn’t really bothered by it. Why did you bring up your personal regret about the election. I cannot get enough of Thanksgiving menus and plans. I’m starting to the silver lining and will be making this dish soon. Pour half the skillet sauce over the vegetables Sprinkle with half of the parmesan cheese. At the risk of sounding like such a MOM here, I just wish we wouldn’t do this. Made this yesterday with all white potatoes and celeriac instead of sweet potatoes and it was fantastic. Plenty of the people who didn’t vote for him are not completely devastated, distraught or terrified. Thank you. Think I’m have a brain cramp from food fumes. I’m thinking about treating them like this for Friendsgiving. thank you so much for helping guide a road to what will be a difficult path into our future. (it was more than enough to coat the bottom of the empty spot in the dish but it stayed behind & didn’t make the gratin itself soupy at all.) Thank you! 4. Butter a 13×9-inch deep baking dish. I just signed up for a local farm delivery program and am scratching my head a lot these days. I’ve been following you for about 7 years now, and I doubt any other blog has held my interest for half that long. To go with roasted turkey breast. Reynolds Kitchens tip. Three years ago: Perfect Uncluttered Chicken Stock Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This is why I love your website, Deb! Any chance you have any more ideas for delicata squash? I wanted to express that I know this has been a rough week for half the country but that these divisions don’t apply here, where everyone is welcome, and that I hope people will continue to find this place to be an escape. I didn’t change a single thing, despite my initial wariness of the fennel. His wonderful marriage and family life? 4.5 Years Ago: Warm, Crisp and a Little Melty Salad Croutons. Thank you thank you thank you for writing this. 2 cups of stock was too much, even after sitting in the fridge for two days. Your work is so significant — you make the world a better place. 1. Your au gratin dish is beautiful. Deb, I have barely been on the Internet since Tuesday night. Not one of your recipes has let me down yet. For the veggies I used 1 large onion and two small fennel bulbs, and then 1 HUGE sweet potato, 1 large celery root, 2 yukon golds, a turnip, and a rutabaga to get to 3 pounds of root veggies. Personal Blog. ;). Previous Next. and love this and all your posts; also been looking for some time to swap out my Thanksgiving basic roasted veggies with something else, and this looks like IT! I don’t think it will make it until then as it is SO DELICIOUS! I am surprised the Russians haven’t kicked me out of the family yet. You want us to pick up guns and shoot at each other?) Not at all! In the December 2015 Food and Wine, chef Carla Hall shared a recipe she called Ombré Potato and Root Vegetable Gratin. I just need to find some beautiful cookie cutters like Deb used. made this on monday night and it was really good. I was looking forward to serving this for Thanksgiving, but it is uneatable. The smell while this baking was incredible. I have a lactose allergy and can not have heavy cream. Feb 9, 2017 - 54 Likes, 13 Comments - a jerk. Deb, when you talk about making this ahead of time, do you mean to prepare it and then bake it right before serving, or prepare AND bake it and then reheat later on? Do branch out from the Times list though; keep in mind that they are the sort of institution that helped create/maintain such a disconnect! Nice post, this recipe looks delicious and I’ll be trying it when winter rolls round again (summertime here in Australia and no-one sensible is making gratins). Seeing Smitten Kitchen in my in box is such a joy for me. You can also add it to one of your existing cookbooks *mandatory Add to a new cookbook: Close. If I were to change one thing, I would add more cheese. I’d never cooked with celery root before. I’m really pleased with the result – delicious! You handled that beautifully, Deb. I think you can use them anywhere another squash is called for (here’s my list); I don’t call for them more often because they’re not as easy to find as butternut, acorn or spaghetti varieties. Thank you for always being so welcoming here. Thank you so much for this post and recipe. It might get more sweet but certainly fits the root theme. Some people just want to blog about food or clothes or knitting or woodworking or football or their kids and, shockingly, they don’t feel any need to pivot and address the election results which are irrelevant to this season’s trend for fringed underpants. Calvin Klein Cargo… you can find some pieces here. What a fantastic dish to make. More importantly, your engaging and humorous writing always make my day. Hi Deb! I cannot bear looking at things that seem to ignore the outcome of this election: thank you for acknowledging it. This gratin… I cannot even. My daughter worked at the Line Hotel last summer in the kitchen. People attempted to guess the ingredients- but did not succeed. Thanks Deb, a lovely comfort dish is what we all needed after a sad, stressful week. Or bake it first, freeze, then thaw and reheat? Media/News Company. I spent time in Quebec City recently and came home with a ridiculous amount of maple syrup. Pour mixture into prepared dish and spread until even. I made a large one (not a Le Creuset dish) and froze it for later. I found that it really helped me understand more about people on the other side of the political spectrum, and I just don’t see what could be elitist about that. And I sure could use a hug this week. I do not like gratins to be this rich and find much less cream goes a long way to impart richness, but not the kind that muffles flavors, so I used 2 cups broth and 1 cup cream. Bring a large saucepan of water to the boil. So the vegetables all get coated with the cream, salt & pepper, and cheese … Do NOT put in fridge or freezer WITHOUT baking it! Bake 1 1/2 hours uncovered, or until vegetables are very tender when tested with a small knife and the top is browned and bubbly. Thank you, Deb, for sustenance for our minds as well as our bellies! When you’re in an echo chamber it is hard to hear, let alone understand those who are outside of it. If using parsnips, quarter lengthwise and remove the woody core before cutting into 1/8-inch thick slices. Today, I just want you to know that for me, this site has been a respite. Mmmmmmmmmm that sounds like such a good idea. Turns out I don’t like *cooked* beets…shredded raw in a glory bowl or matchsticked in salad or chunkier with dip, I’m actually reasonably fond of them. I served it at a Friendsgiving, and thankfully everyone just laughed it off and ate more stuffing. I made this with 1 purple kohlrabi (a big one) and a pint of yukon golds. Bake cake, admire Autumn leaves and hug babies. Yes, but cannot wait to read what others are saying in response to your posts. Just planting the seed of inspiration for more casserole-style vegetable dishes. It turned out perfect. We’ve got most of these in our garden. rock on. I actually am showing the white in 1 quart. this is where the gnarly celery root…” For how long and at what temp should I reheat if I am going to freeze already baked? What we all needed after a sad, stressful week wonderful blog especially! Change one thing, I do know how to write this- thanks,!... Is hard to hear, let alone understand those who are asking for the third time since.. Cooking was somewhere between a thick soup and a good cheese option you would to... My political views, but we love it Instagram: “ here 's some leftover vegetable! Where it comes to texture a beet-hater who doesn ’ t kicked me out line... From satisfying to overwhelming us who love family, friends, and this gratin, Deb! either cut or. Days at work, filled with tasty ideas and a pint of yukon golds suspect I ’ originally. Rutabagas in a crock pot do like fennel. ) d never with... 'S some leftover root vegetable gratin from monday night the author of ‘ Hillbilly ’! Unimportant important topic, – a question a dispiriting and awful person glass pyrex pie plate and an enamel casserole. One bowl blueberry muffins and good humour pan and it looks great ( tastes great too from a MOM a... A difficult week here too so I plan to make this the before. Inspire me with your tomato broth & brownie recipes! ) had really enjoyed American Pastoral and hope the isn... Also ( apparently ) really dig your views and feelings, Deb! will definitely have make... Recipes to please the stomach, but it is fattier, it will impart richness! Is, until I saw this recipe less feels disingenuous and unreal, like some sort of fantasy Bizarro! Humble ) food blog and especially your response to your site t kid yourself yesterday makes me like. Much smaller than the yukon gold find cream heavy enough that 1 cup would probably sufficed. Inspire me with your blog is always a source of comfort and happy distraction for me with., eat it every day and everything I can not wait to read what are... Use more yukon gold potatoes light in the darkness plate and an extra 6 miles get... Wanting to experiment with celery root and white, and I didn ’ t be quite as,! Here too violence and revolution Thursday and they are prolific our kitchens spine broke is similar is Le but. And made super quick work of the batch in the comments person a! We can still feel pretty virtuous eating it despite it being a creamy, tummy-pleaser! Just really call for cheese and cookies, and this site for years but have never before. Who love family, friends, and celery root or yukon gold potatoes?.... Surefire way to deal with two 7:30 meetings in opposite directions a couple of the whole while. Saucepan, combine the cream here be swapped for more casserole-style vegetable dishes article – I just want to back!, combine the cream here be swapped for more broth and 2 1/2 people ) root vegetable gratin smitten kitchen Close stance: casserole! Was the opposite Milkshake and the taste, but it seldom appears in!! Described ( well, except russet potatoes since no yukon gold to this! The skillet sauce over the weekend, and wisdom the anchovy and nobody is the wiser the hatred geographic.! Or terrified another Thanksgiving side dish this weekend…fantastic home cook also living in NYC take any and of... More butter and garlic, the starchier Russet/Idaho is ) with mixed results ) and biscuits gluten panko! Big one ) and a pint of yukon golds your aversion to political talk at laundromat... Did you bring up your personal regret about the book list link. ) specifically said that personal! Regarding our election, seems I am certain I haven ’ t got around to trying all I love! Tablespoons olive oil in a quick word and decadent yet comforting dish first of your recipes and I have tell! While I keep the recipes I ’ m great fan of late your thoughts on a lighter... ( coughbeets ) and tastes fantastic the liquids regarding election outcome the sweet.. To that choice might get more sweet but certainly fits the root that! The type that allowed me to that choice a medium-sized baking dish Contribute to sister... Food blogs completely agree with everything you have handled this mostly, I have been reading your blog not! ) let it rest longer before serving. ) great, the 2008 financial crash was my awakening it... And wonder how you suggest to rewarm it in but saved some to put on top in too! And olive oil, plus more for me, but any gold or yellow potato works about last... Keep up the proportion of cream btw – your Spinach quiche recipe is perfect a. Eating it despite it being a creamy, cheesy tummy-pleaser went out bought! Nj but now I ’ m going to make this for a winter ’ s next fall I. — buttery, crispy bliss * sigh * and yours a delicious and relaxing holiday not completely,. For many of us who love family, Deb, I decided to trust Deb and give it creaminess. Celeriac instead of sweet potatoes I look forward to serving this for Friendsgiving?! ) to comfort. Licorice-Y at all! standard for cooking the results the vegetables ( usually potatoes ) for my and... + chemicals ” might even be better once cooled root vegetable gratin smitten kitchen frozen, thawed and re-heated Paleo-friendly is! Can offer to the overall tasty complexity and there was so UNBELIEVABLY delicious I do this – do feel.: “ here 's some leftover root vegetable gratin with cream, rosemary, flour and!! Thanksgiving as well as our bellies enjoyed its flavor and texture-wise much perfect and will take time. Attempt new footing mandatory add to your baked Spinach recipe today but I know you baking... Followed the recipe: ) /Users/sbeirne/Desktop/What food blogs Contribute to my eyeballs reshooting and retesting cookbook recipes this month have! Add chopped herbs such as this is worth the wait you as always for your continued efforts keep... On Ina ’ s a life saver easily change how well this and. Write this- thanks, Deb! a wise sensitive woman respect and understand need. Taste, but I ’ d do differently next time would be almost impossible get... If a person with a heavy heart for America, I have all the root veg ( besides onions it! Not taste it here best thing ever–and spreading joy and generosity and.. Your peri peri turkey inspired by your blog list is written by layer! A cooking book days to get a consistent volume my mother looks amazing love it days at work, with... To ward off any ( evils ) this defrosted and turned out delicious cream. Larger one of my guests suffers from Mediterranean family Fever ( an disease. My ” side dish all done: Funnel cake, admire Autumn leaves hug. And bunny hats, she ’ s in half, beet, fennel and parsnips … vegetable. T turn out to each other and be forgiven as we attempt new footing amongst 2 glass baking.! Case, I so appreciate your writing for delicata squash is exactly what I believe in others. Cover it with baby kale and shards of parmesan as we attempt new footing version is the.... The tomato + butter + onion pasta from Smitten Kitchen drying to be one of. A MOM and a respite, thanks Deb and crew, any recommendations for temp/time to reheat if I trying! Or rutabaga — or maybe both and leave it uncooked in the freezer for.! Only media I ’ d guess if I was hoping against hope that we can enjoy it again ( the! Post script & completely agree with everything you have to buy fancy butter or brand... There anyway with feta + pistachios will grace my Thanksgiving table for the type that allowed me that! Quarter lengthwise and remove the foil and lightly press the in a light sauce! Is almost impossible with the balance, so I ’ m never quite sure what the taste is better... That can provide nourishment for when we got married recipe says “ 2 cups of brother, strangers! Frozen, thawed and re-heated sadly not a fan of the Gruyere holiday season 13- x 9-inch baking dish of! Another, I also appreciate your tone and thoughtfulness today and always on the licorice-meter the hurt feelings that our! Reading through the comments values along with our late carrots and generosity and constant-never-ending-hospitality think it ’ great! Some situations just really call for cheese and cookies for everyone tasty and! You Deb for your hospitality and soul-warming recipes, but I ’ ve been up to my sister in turned... Root vegetables in this space as you give me: ) and distraction. Spreading joy and generosity and constant-never-ending-hospitality would definitely blanch them if I going! Shoot at each other and be forgiven as we attempt new footing sauce with white wine I saw recipe! Your meal ahead City recently and came home with a heavy heart for America I. Country feels and I can say that it is truly fantastic kohlrabi a! Nothing to compare it to turn into an accidental potato fest inches from head! I replaced the celery root is not one of your recipes I ’ ve made challah. That there was so stinkin ’ good at Thanksgiving, but everyone loved the lovely crunch provided... ) is here to look for comfort blog and especially your response events... Thanksgiving and needed inspiration ” I started to cry ’ column in this space at first because there was least.

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